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Want to take better snapshots??

If you are a mom who wants to get better snapshots of your kids (or of anything for that matter), then check out my new blog (link to right or click here). I am going to be posting not only tips for better pictures, but also help with all those dials and buttons on your camera, and help with photo-editing software. I'll be letting you know which settings on your camera to use when, and explaining what the settings actually DO (what the aperature is, how it relates to the shutter speed, etc.) This is for both point-and-shoot cameras, as well as DSLR cameras.

The blog is for the regular person who wants to take their snapshots to the next level - not someone who is aspiring to be a professional photographer. (Unless you are just starting out and need to learn the basics.)

So check it out and pass the word!

Closing with an image (of course).
This is my youngest and although the image is nothing special, I just like it:

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