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More Megapixels Does NOT Mean Better Pictures!

I just helped a friend email some images from her point-and-shoot camera and the files were SO large that she couldn't send them in just one email.  I checked her camera and saw that she was shooting on the default setting which happen to be the largest size file.  Unless you are going to print super-huge images (larger than poster-size) or plan to crop an image by more than 50%, you do not need to shoot at anything higher than 3MP (megapixels).  This goes for whether you are using a DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera.  ESPECIALLY if all you do is post images online or print 4x6s.  Most cameras less than a few years old are 8MP and higher.  Shooting at this size does not increase the quality of your image but rather just hogs up room on your memory card and computer. 

I recommend changing the camera to a lower MP setting, thus freeing up TONS of space on your memory card as well as on your computer.  8, 10, 12, etc. MP are simply overkill and unnecessary (except in situations as explained above).

My first digital camera (MANY years ago!) was a 2.1MP Olympus.  I was able to produce crisp, clear prints up to 11x14 with just 2.1 MP.  These were prints for clients and no one ever complained about the quality of my prints vs prints from a film camera.  So save room on your memory card and computer and change your camera's settings to shoot at a lower setting.  When I changed my friend's camera she was able to fit over 1,000 images on her memory card as opposed to just 300!

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